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SOP for Cleaning of Exhaust Ducts in Coating area

Standard operating procedure to clean exhaust ducts in coating area.


To lay down the cleaning procedure for Exhaust Ducts in Coating area.

2.0 SCOPE:

This SCP shall be applicable to terminal portions of Exhaust Ducts of 36”, 48” & 60” Neocota in Coating area in Production department.


3.1 Execution :Operator
3.2 Checking :Pharmacist and Above




5.1 Ensure that exhaust blower is switched “OFF”.
5.2 Put “OFF” the mains of the machine.
5.3 Put a poly bag cover on the electric panel.
5.4 Remove the terminal end portion of the exhaust duct by removing the nut bolts.
5.5 Wipe off the powder inside the duct from as deep as possible with the help of a dry lint free cloth.
5.6 Scrap off the color film scales deposited on inside wall & wipe off with the help of wet lint free cloth.
5.7 Wash the terminal end with Potable water in washing area.
5.8 Dry the duct and re-assemble.
5.9 Re-cleaned if not used within 72 hours.


SCP :Standard Cleaning Procedure
IPA :Isopropyl Alcohol

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