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SOP for Raising Work Permit

Standard operating procedures to raise the work permit for working permission in any department.


      To lay down procedure for raising work permit.

2.0 SCOPE:

      This SOP shall be applicable for hot work, excavation, work at height, vessel entry, and lift maintenance, maintenance of HT line and panel, cleaning of water sumps/tanks, major modifications in equipment /facilities.




      Head of Engineering


5.1 Fill the work permit form before starting any work.
5.2 Inspect the area as per the checklist enclosed in work permit.
5.3 Inform the person undertaking the work about possible hazards involved in work.
5.4 Handover the red copy of work permits to person undertaking the work.
5.5 Red copy should be retained with him till completion of work.
5.6 In case of any extension in the timings, indicate on work permit and get it signed by HOD of concerned department.
5.7 After completion of work, enter the completion status in the work permit.


6.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
6.2 HOD : Head of Department

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