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Any topic can be understood better with the videos, so we are working hard to create videos of important topics to help the students and professionals. Here is the list of videos created by Pharmaguideline.
We update this list regularly.

  1. Purified Water System Validation
  2. Three Consecutive Batches for Validation
  3. Hold Time Validation Study
  4. Transport Validation
  5. How to Write a Validation Protocol
  6. Validation of Cleanroom Pass Boxes
  7. How to Reduce Validation Costs
  8. Revalidation of Purified Water System
  9. Difference between Process Validation and Product Validation
  10. How to Write a Validation Master Plan
  11. Development of Cleaning Procedure
  12. Disinfectant Validation
  13. Why is Analytical Method Validation Required
  14. Basic Requirements for Process Validation
  15. How to Effectively Execute a Validation Protocol
  16. Importance of Validation in Pharmaceuticals
  17. HPLC Method Validation
  18. Procedure for Sampling in Process Validation
  19. Stratified Sampling in Process Validation
  20. Effective Swabbing Technique for Cleaning Validation
  21. NOEL and MACO Calculations
  22. Recovery Factor of Swab
  23. Criteria to Choose the Correct Swab
  24. Regulatory Expectations for Cleaning Validation
  25. Sampling in Cleaning Validation
  26. Worst Case Selection in Cleaning Validation
  27. Cleaning Validation in 10 Steps
  28. Difference between Generic and Branded Medicines
  29. Components of GMP
  30. Fault Tree Analysis
  31. Pareto Chart for Root Cause Analysis
  32. Fishbone Diagram for Root Cause Analysis
  33. 5 Why Tool for Root Cause Analysis
  34. Top 5 Root Cause Analysis Tools
  35. Top 10 Indian Pharmaceutical Companies
  36. CAPA and Its Implementation
  37. Investigation of OOS Results
  38. Disinfectants Vs Antiseptics
  39. ALCO & ALCOA+
  40. Aseptic Vs Sterile
  41. 10 Ways to Avoid GMP Errors
  42. Difference Between Qualification and Validation
  43. Process Validation
  44. Performance Qualification
  45. Operational Qualification
  46. Installation Qualification
  47. Design Qualification
  48. Working Principle of pH Meter
  49. 6 Ways to Reduce Human Errors
  50. Different Stages of Tablet Manufacturing Process
  51. Maintenance of Aseptic Conditions in Sterile Area
  52. Air Handling Unit and Its Working
  53. GMP Violations in Indian Pharmaceutical Facilities
  54. GMP Requirements in Pharmaceuticals
  55. How to write effective SOPs
  56. How to Respond to FDA 483 Observations
  57. FDA Inspection and Compliance
  58. Self Inspection and Quality Audits
  59. Oral Liquid Dosage Forms
  60. Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  61. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  62. Prevention of Cross-contamination in Pharmaceuticals
  63. Top 10 Tips for Microbial Limit Test
  64. Basics of HVAC Systems
  65. Steps to Minimize the Data Integrity Risk
  66. Validation Master Plan (VMP)
  67. Purpose of Process Validation
  68. Analytical Method Validation
  69. Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  70. Top 5 Tips for Interview
  71. Tips for Telephonic Interview 
  72. Favorable Conditions for Microbial Growth in Cleanroom Area
  73. Waster Water Treatment - ETP Working
  74. Drug Master File - DMF in Pharmaceuticals
  75. Sterile Area Maintenance in Pharmaceuticals
  76. Difference between HPLC and GC │HPLC Vs GC
  77. GxP in Pharmaceuticals
  78. Validation Program in Pharmaceuticals
  79. Forced Degradation Study in Pharmaceuticals
  80. FDA Training Requirements
  81. Tips to Reduce FDA 483 Observations
  82. Top 6 Ways to Reduce Human Errors
  83. 5 Why Tool for Root Cause Investigation
  84. Fishbone Diagram Tool of Investigation
  85. Root Cause Analysis with Examples
  86. Basics of Cleaning Validation
  87. ALCOA in Pharmaceuticals
  88. Principle and Working of Autoclave
  89. Data Integrity in Pharmaceuticals
  90. Interview Questions and Answers for Jobs
  91. Good Laboratory Practices in Microbiology
  92. Quality Assurance vs Quality Control / QA vs QC
  93. Disinfectant vs Antiseptic
  94. Process Validation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  95. Why do HEPA filters have 0.3 micron pore size?
  96. Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP in Pharmaceuticals
  97. Corrective and Preventive Action - CAPA
  98. Good Documentation Practices - GDP
  99. Tips to Write a Powerful CV
  100. Clean Room Design in Pharmaceuticals
  101. Air Handling Unit - AHU in Pharmaceuticals

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