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Guest Post Guidelines

When we first started the Pharmaguideline Blog in 2008, we never imagined how the pharmaceutical blogging will change in 14 years. Now we get a lot of guest post request every week but we always want to publish only great work. More than 3500 articles are published on Pharmaguideline in these 14 years.
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Why write for Pharmaguideline?

The Pharmaguideline blog is the oldest pharmaceutical blog. In the year 2008 only government websites are there to get knowledge about pharmaceuticals. We started Pharmaguideline blog to collect all useful information in one place and we got success in 2012 when Pharmaguideline became the most known pharmaceutical blog among pharmaceutical professionals. Today, every person working in the pharmaceutical industry knows and read Pharmaguideline to improve his/her knowledge.

Our posts are sent to the loyal email list of 1,95,000+ subscribers (as of April 2023). Our readers include top management, reviewers, and doers including officers and executives. Your post shall also be shared with our social media followers which include 1,80,000+ Facebook followers and 2,00,000+ LinkedIn followers.

When your post appears on the Pharmaguideline blog, you will share your knowledge with thousands of the professionals.

When you submit an article, please follow these guidelines:

A. General Guidelines

  • Your articles should be professional because your article will be read by professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry. 
  • We do not accept:
    • Previously published content (content with plagiarism), so please submit your own original work (check with
    • AI generated content (check your work on
    • Posts covering topics which already covered on the blog.
    • Posts that do not provide any useful and meaningful information.
    • Promotional posts for your company or organization.
    • Offensive or inaccurate posts.

B. Blog Audience

When writing an article think of the two reader segment we have:
Pharmaceutical Professionals: This segment represents about 80% of our readership. They are interested in articles having information about pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality assurance, quality management system, case studies of audit failure, strategies for audits, improvements in product quality, new manufacturing and analysis techniques, strategic tricks for interviews and other pharmaceutical job-related topics.
Pharmaceutical Students: this segment represents about 20% of our readership. They are interested in the basics of pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality assurance, and product analysis-related topics, interview strategy and interview-related questions.
Posts must provide useful information to any of the segments.

C. Topic Requirements

Your article should be well-researched and have in-depth information on the following topics.
Manufacturing: You can write on any topic related to pharmaceutical manufacturing including basic information on the process, principles of process and equipment, process improvement, equipment working, audits in manufacturing, or other related topics.
Quality Assurance: Your article must have information about the pharmaceutical documentation and work in pharmaceutical quality assurance it includes audits and inspections in pharmaceuticals, quality management systems, risk assessment and management and quality improvement strategies for pharmaceutical products.
Quality Control: You can write on topics containing information about quality control analysis, analytical process improvements, analytical methods, quality audits, principles and working of analytical instruments.
Warehouse: Write your articles on warehouse processes, material storage and audits.
Engineering and Utility: You can write articles on the maintenance of systems and equipment and different utilities including water systems and HVAC systems.
Interview: You can also write on topics in the interview in different departments including interview questions and the strategies to face an interview successfully.

D. Copy Requirements

  • The minimum size of the article is 800 words. Posts that are 1500+ words have a better chance of getting published.
  • Your article should have an introduction or a brief description of the article contents.
  • Your article should have a conclusion at the end.
  • The article you are going to submit should be:
    • well-written without grammar mistakes and typos;
    • well-readable, meaning it should have sub-headlines, bullet-pointed lists and be broken down into paragraphs that are no longer than 6 lines.
  • Use links to prove your statements or any data you use in the articles (any regulatory agency websites)
  • Articles should have at least 1 image or other visual aid like diagrams or charts.
  • Please observe all copyrights regarding the images: obtain permissions for use and cite the source.

What will happen after you submit an article to us?

  • It may take us one week to review your article, so do not expect us to contact you immediately after we receive your article.
  • In case we like your article, we will contact you.
  • If we think that there is still a place for improvement in your article, we will send you our suggestions.

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