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SOP for Re-analysis of Raw Material

Standard operating procedure to re-analyze and record the raw material after the retest date.


      To lay down the procedure for reanalysis of raw material.

2.0 SCOPE:

      This SOP shall be applicable to Quality Control Dept.


      Supervisor Quality Control


      Sr. Manager Quality Assurance


5.0.1 All active and inactive materials shall be reanalyzed as per following schedule.
i) Enzymes 6 months ii) Active 12 months iii) Inactive 24 months
5.0.2 Stores personnel shall inform the material due for retesting every month to Quality Control.
5.0.3 The quality control shall move the Material to the UNDERTEST area and shall Sample the material.Containers shall be labelled as "UNDERTEST".
5.0.4 Complete checks as per Specifications shall be carried out.
5.0.5 If Material is found to be complying to Specifications, the “APPROVED” slip showing new assigned control number shall be pasted on the containers, and material shall be moved to the designated storage area.
5.0.6 Sampling sheet and analytical report shall be prepared.

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5.0.7 Record:
An Entry register shall be maintained, and each material re-analysed shall be entered there in. A fresh Control Number shall be allotted to the reanalysed material. A report showing test protocol applied and results obtained shall be prepared.


6.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

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