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SOP for Cleaning of Colony Counter

Standard operating procedure to clean the Colony Counter used for counting the colonies observed on petridishes.


       To lay down the procedure for the operation and cleaning of Colony Counter.

2.0  SCOPE

       It is applicable to Microbiology lab.


       Microbiology personnel


       Head of Department


5.1  Operation of Colony Counter

5.1.1  Properly connect the power cord to the instrument and switch on the main switch.
5.1.2  Turn “ON” the instrument by pressing the ON/OFF switch.
5.1.3  Place the desired plate on the glass grid.
5.1.4  Remove the cap of the marker and press firmly keeping the pen straight/vertical, on the petriplate where a microbial colony is located. The colony counter will register a count, there will be a beep and an ink dot will be marked on the petriplate. Continue till all the colonies are thus counted.
5.1.5  When all the colonies are counted, note down the final reading from the counter.
5.1.6  For next counting push the “RESET” button for starting the counting with zero.
5.1.7  Switch OFF the power switch of Colony counter.

5.2  Calibration of Colony counter

5.2.1  Manual calibration  Press the manual key five times and note the reading on the display. Reset the colony counter.  Similarly press the manual key 25, 50 and 100 times separately and note the readings of the display. Reset the colony counter.

5.2.2  Auto calibration  Place a petriplate on the platform of the colony counter.  With the help of marker pen of the colony counter count five colonies and note the results of display. Reset the colony counter.  Similarly count 25, 50 and 100 colonies separately and note the readings of the display. Reset the colony counter.
Frequency: Once in a month.

5.3  Cleaning of Colony Counter:

5.3.1  De-dust the external surface of colony counter and magnifier with lint free duster.
5.3.2  Clean the external surface of colony counter with wet duster soaked if required 70% v/v Iso propyl alcohol.


6.1  SOP - Standard operating procedure
6.2  % - Percent

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