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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Garment Cubicle

Standard operating procedure to operate and clean the garment cubicle used to keep the sterile garments.


       To lay down the procedure to perform the operation and cleaning of garment cubicle. 

2.0  SCOPE

       It is applicable to Microbiology lab.




       Head of Department


5.1  Operation of Garment cubicle

5.1.1  Switch on the main supply.
5.1.2  Ensure equipment is in a clean state
5.1.4  Start blowers and U.V and heater prior to the operation.
Note: Differential pressure should be between 10 – 15 Pascal
5.1.6  Enter the buffer room according to SOP.
5.1.7  Unload the garment load from autoclave according to SOP.
5.1.8  Stock the garment in garment cubicle the bunch of two.

5.2  Cleaning of Garment cubicle

5.2.1  Keep the garment cubicle interior and exterior free from dust.
5.2.2  Clean the garment cubicle with 70% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) / Disinfectant using a non-fiber shedding cloth.

5.3  Shutting - down procedure

5.3.1  Disconnect all utilities.
5.3.2  Turn off the blower, U.V light and heater


6.1  SOP - Standard operating procedure
6.2  QCM - Quality Control Microbiology
6.3  HEPA - High efficiency Particulate Air filter
6.4  UV - Ultra Violet
6.5  % - Percent

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