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SOP for Cleaning of Barrel Pump and Pipe

Standard operating procedure to clean the Barrel Pump and Pipe.


       To lay down a procedure for cleaning of barrel pump & pipe.

2.0  SCOPE:

       This SOP shall be applicable for cleaning of barrel pump and pipe at Stores Department.


       Stores Assistant


       Head of Department


5.1  Store person shall remove the barrel pump along with attached pipe from drum and transfer it in a covered polythene bags to the washing area.
5.2  Fill the bucket with D.M water (approx. 20 Lts.) and put the dispensing barrel pump and pipe for washing.
5.3  Store person shall operate the barrel pump in the bucket containing D.M water.
5.4  Wipe the barrel pump and pipe externally with clean cloth damped with D.M water.
5.5  Wipe the barrel pump and pipe externally with dry lint free cloth and allow drying for 15 minutes.
5.6  Place the cleaned pump in a polythene bag and affix the “Cleaned” label on it and transfer into dedicated area.


6.1  SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  D.M. – De-Mineralized

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