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SOP for Calibration of Vernier Caliper

Standard operating procedure of calibration of the Vernier Caliper using standard metal gauge block used for physical analysis of tablets and capsules in pharmaceutical quality control.


       To lay down the procedure for operating, cleaning and calibration of vernier caliper.

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for vernier caliper used for measurements.


       Officer/Executive – Quality Control  


       Manager - Quality Control  


5.1  Operating procedure:

5.1.1  For vernier caliper press on key with the jaw closed.
5.1.2  Ensure zero reading with the jaw closed.
5.1.3  Open the jaw and place the sample in between the jaws and close it.
5.1.4  Note the reading.

5.2  Cleaning procedure:

5.2.1  Clean measuring jaws holding disks with a slightly wet cloth and then with a dry cotton cloth.
5.2.2  Clean measuring jaws holding disks with a dry cotton cloth whenever required during and after the test.

5.3  Calibration procedure:

5.3.1  Calibration of vernier caliper following standard calibrate equipment are as follow
5.3.2  Calibration can be done in-house or by external party.
5.3.3  For vernier caliper press on key with the jaw closed.
5.3.4  Ensure “zero “reading with the jaw closed.
5.3.5  Open the jaw.
5.3.6  Measure the thickness of standard slip gauge (0.05 mm to 1.00 mm) by putting individual gauge between the jaw.
5.3.7  Note the observations.
5.3.8  Measure the length, width and height standard metal gauge block (34.90 mm, 25 mm and 08.90 mm respectively) by putting the standard metal gauge block in between the jaws.
5.3.9  Note the reading.
5.3.10  Affix the calibration status label.
5.3.11  If calibration is out of calibration then inform to head of department for further action.


6.1  SOP - Standard operating procedure
6.2  mm - Millimeter

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