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SOP for UV Cabinet

Standard operating procedure of UV Cabinet used for TLC analysis.


       To describe a procedure for operation of UV cabinet.

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for operation of UV cabinet.


       Officer/ Executive - Quality Control


       Manager - Quality Control


5.1  Operation

5.1.1  Ensure the area is clean.
5.1.2  Switch on the main powder supply.
5.1.3  Switch on “VISIBLE LIGHT” marked switch.
5.1.4  Open the door.
5.1.5  Keep the TLC plate in the chamber.
5.1.6  Switch off “VISIBLE LIGHT”.
5.1.7  Close the door.
5.1.8  Switch on the required UV Light (i.e. Short wave (254 nm), long wave (360 nm).
5.1.9  Visualize the sample from outside the chamber through glass provided to visualize the sample inside the chamber.
5.1.10  After visualizing the sample note down the observation, switch off the UV light and remove the plate from the chamber.
5.1.11  Take care that any part of body should not come in direct contact of UV light.

5.2  Calibration

5.2.1  Prepare the following standard solutions.
a) 0.2% w/v Sodium Salicylate in Ethyl Alcohol
b) 0.04% w/v Sodium Salicylate in Ethyl Alcohol
5.2.2  Take about 10x10 cm TLC plate of Silica gel G. Apply 5 micro litre, solution a) and solution b) in such a way that the diameter of the spots is about 5 mm and the distance between the spots is about 3cm.
5.2.3  Allow the spots to dry.
5.2.4  Observe the spots under 254 nm and 366 nm wavelength radiations and record.
(NOTE: - the distance between TLC calibration plate and lamp should be identical to test TLC while observation).
5.2.5  ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA  Spot of Conc. 0.04% w/v should be clearly visible under 254 nm radiations  Spot of Conc. 0.2% should be clearly visible under 366 nm radiations.
5.2.6  Frequency: Quaterly


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  UV - Ultra Violet
6.3  TLC - Thin Layer Chromatography
6.4  nm - Nanometer

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