SOP for Analysis on UV- Visible Spectrophotometer : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

SOP for Analysis on UV- Visible Spectrophotometer

Standard operating procedure of taking absorbance or transmittance reading on UV- Visible Spectrophotometer


       To describe the procedure for analysis on UV-VIS Spectrophotometer,

2.0  SCOPE 

       This procedure shall be applicable for analysis on UV-VIS Spectrophotometer


       Officer/ Executive - Quality Control
       Dy. Manager - Quality Control


       Astt. General Manager - QA/QC


5.1  Ensure that the area is clean.
5.2  Switch on the main power.
5.3  Switch on the instrument.
5.4  Allow to stabilize for 15 min.
5.5  Set the desired wavelength with knob in increasing order.
5.6  Keep the sensitivity switch at highest position.
5.7  Put the mode selector at % T position.
5.8  Set the filter wheel as per the wavelength.
5.9  Adjust zero percent transmittance with the help of set zero control.
5.10  Rinse reference cuvette and sample cuvette with blank solution 2 to 3 times.
5.11  Adjust 100% T with the help of % knob.
5.12  Remove the cuvette and drain out the blank solution from it. Rinse it with sample 2-3 times and filled with sample.
5.13  Clean the outer surface of the reference cuvette with tissue paper.
5.14  Place the cuvette into the sample holder and cover the cuvette compartment.
5.15  The reading show on the data position is the absorbance or % T of the sample.
5.16  Record the results and make entry in instrument usage log book.
5.17  Remove both the cuvette and wash with purified water or methanol as required.
5.18  Calibrate the instrument by running similar way and make entry in the calibration record.
5.19  Calibration Frequency: Monthly and after maintenance.

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6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

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