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List of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Warehouse

View the list of Standard operating procedures of systems and operations in Pharmaceuticals.

1.  Receipt and Storage of Material
2.  Handling of Goods Inward Memo (GIM)
3.  Dispensing of Raw Material
4.  Issuance of Packing Material
5.  Handling of Retest Material
6.  Handling of Rejected Material
7.  Handling of Returned Material
8.  Active Material Reconciliation
9.  Operation and Storage of Hand Pumps
10.  Cleaning of Dispensing Equipment
11.  Adjustment of Last Lot
12.  Cleaning of Dispensing Room
13.  Cleaning, Operation & Maintenance of Vacuum cleaner
14.  Issue & Receipt of Miscellaneous Item
15.  Destruction of Empty Containers
16.  Handling of Defective & Unusable Material
17.  Handling of Finished Goods in BSR
18.  Disposal of Scrap
19.  General Warehousing Procedure
20.  Partly dispensed Material Control
21.  Operation of Reverse Laminar Air Flow Module
22.  Cleaning of Reverse Laminar Air Flow Module
23.  Removing of Raw Material from Damaged container
24.  Spillage of Goods
25.  Paper Shreading Machine
26.  Crushing Machine
27.  Disposal of Unusefulness, Defective, Expired, Non returnable and rejected materials
28.  Raw Material Procurement
29.  Cleaning of Sampling Room in Raw material store
30.  Dispatch of Finished Goods
31.  Control of Expired Goods
32.  Operation and maintenance of Deep Freezer
33.  Staging/Storage of Raw material, Inprocess materials and Packaging Material
34.  Operation of Hydraullic pallet lifter
35.  House keeping of Warehouse
36.  Solvent Room
37.  Balance – Performance check, operation and maintenance
38.  Environmental control and monitoring
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