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List of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Quality Assurance

View the list of Standard operating procedures for Quality Assurance system and procedures.

2. - Issuance of batch manufacturing record
3. - Change Control System
4. - Product Recall
5. - Deviation Procedure
6. - Reserve Samples (Retention Samples)
7. - Preparation of Working Reference Standards
8. - Periodic Observation of Control Sample
9. - Sampling Procedure For Packing Material
10. - Guidelines for the Investigation In Case of Final Product Rejection
11. - Sampling of Raw Material
12. - Self Inspection Programme
13. - Handling Of Customer Complaint
14. - Handling of Returned goods
15. - Destruction of Packing Material
16. - Disposal of Containers Containing Hazardous Material
17. - Sampling and Analytical Procedure For Wash Water
18. - Sampling Procedure For In process and Finished Product for QC Analysis.
19. - Vendor Selection and Approval
20. - Vendor Audit
21. - Operation of Laboratory Safety
22. - Detection of Foreign Particles
23. - Cleaning of Laboratory glass ware
24. - Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) Control Procedure
25. - Replacing Damaged Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR)
26. - Cleaning of Sampling Devices
27. - Final Inspection and Release of Finished goods
28. - IPQC during Packaging Operation
29. - Validation Master Plan
30. - Process Validation
31. - Periodic Product Quality Evaluation of Marketed Products
32. - Quality Assurance Approval of Manufacturing Batch
33. - Periodic Review of standard operating procedure
34. - Release of Raw material coming from group Company
35. - For Testing of Residual Solvents or Organic Volatile Impurities In Raw Material coming from group Company.
36. - Preparation and handling of Buffers, Indicator, Colorometric   solution, Limit standard solution, volumetric solutions and reagents
37. - IPQC during compression operation
38. - For Testing of Residual Solvents or Organic Volatile Impurities In Raw Material coming from Other than group Company.

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