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SOP for Destroying the Inprocess, Finished Product and Raw Materials Samples Timely After Testing

Standard operating procedure to destroy the Pharmaceutical samples after analysis.


       To destroy the in-process, finished product and raw materials samples timely after testing in order to avoid any mix up or misuse of the same.

2.0  SCOPE

       This procedure is applicable for discarding the samples of in-process, finished product and raw material sample after testing to avoid mixing.


3.1  Doing      : Technical Assistant
3.2  Checking : Executive /Manager


       Head of the Department


5.1  After approval of the batch Technical Assistant collects all the excess samples in a specified place labelled as "SAMPLES FOR DESTRUCTION".
5.2  In case of ampoules, vials and bottles, break open the glass ampoule open the vials and bottles, empty the contents in water and discard it. Discard the broken ampoule and vial into dust bin for broken glassware.
5.3  At the end of day all these excess samples i.e tablets, capsules, powder, solid dosage form and raw materials should be soaked in water till they become soft.
5.4  After the product softens decant the water and transfer the paste into polyethylene bag.
5.5  This paste is then send to scrap.
5.6  Record the destruction detail in log register made for receipt of sample.


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

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