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SOP for Destruction of Online Rejects of Printed and Overprinted Packaging Materials

Standard operating procedure to destruct the online rejects of printed and overprinted packaging materials in Packing area.


       To lay down the procedure for destruction of online rejects of printed and overprinted packaging materials.

2.0  SCOPE:

       This SOP shall be applicable for destruction of online rejects of printed and overprinted packaging materials in packing area at production department.


3.1  Execution              : Operator
3.2  Checking               Production Pharmacist & Above


       HOD-Production / Assigned Designee


5.1  Collect the printed and / or overprinted packaging material rejects in polythene bag.
5.2  Transfer these rejects to shredding area.
5.3  Switch ON the shredder.
5.3.1  Charge the material in hopper of the shredder.
5.3.2  Collect the shredded packaging materials.
5.3.3  Discard it suitably.
5.3.4  Ensure the destruction in presence of Q.C. / Q.A. person.
5.3.5  Record the details in the B.P.R.


6.1  SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  BPR: Batch Packing Record
6.3  Q.A.: Quality Assurance
6.4  HOD: Head of The Department

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