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SOP for Calibration of Polarimeter in Pharma

Standard operating procedure to calibrate the Polarimeter.


       To calibrate the equipment for reliable and accurate results.

2.0  SCOPE

       This procedure is applicable to the Polarimeter, installed in API Quality Control Lab.


3.1  Doing      : Technical Assistant
3.2  Checking : Executive /Manager


       Head of the Department


       Frequency : Once in a three month
5.1  Operate the instrument as per SOP.
5.2  Prepare 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% w/v aqueous solution of AR grade sucrose (previously dried) in purified water.
5.3  Note the temperature of the solution and determine the optical rotation three times by changing the solution in tube and record the mean.  
5.4  Calculator corrected Optical Rotation at 200C (a20) using following formula. 
             a20 =--------------
                       1+ k(t-20)
            a20      = Optical rotation to be corrected at 20oC   
            at        = Optical rotation to be corrected at toC   
             t         = Temperature measured by sensor        
             k        = Temperature correction factor (-0.00045)
5.5  Record the value in annexure I, if it is out of limit, follow the S.O.P.


6.1  % = Percentage 
6.2  w/v= weight by volume
6.3  0C=Degree centigrade     
6.4  API=Active Pharma Ltd.

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