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SOP for Calibration of Slit – to – Agar Air Sampler

Standard operating procedure for calibration of Slit – To – Agar air sampler.


       To describe the procedure for calibration of Slit – To – Agar air sampler.

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for calibration of Slit – To – Agar air sampler installed in microbiology department.


3.1  Doing       :  Technical Assistant(QC)/Executive
3.2  Checking  :  Electrical Engineer (Eng. Dept.)


       Head of the department.


       Frequency : Once in a year.
5.1  There are three levels, necessary to calibrate the Slit – To – Agar air sampler.

5.2  LEVEL – 1

5.2.1  Check calibration with air velocity.
5.2.2  Take sample of air and monitor its air velocity with anemometer and record 8 reading and take average.
5.2.3  Calculate volume in CFM by multiplying outer area with average air velocity.
5.2.4  Record the result.

5.3  LEVEL – 2

5.3.1  This test calibration is accomplished by removing the battery voltage and replacing the battery with variable power supply, and observing at what voltage the low light illuminate.
5.3.2  The use of a fluke 73 series volt meter or equal is utilized to accomplish this task.
5.3.3  The low voltage warning light should turn on at approximately 10.5V + 3%. Record test data.
5.4.1  General inspection of portable Slit – To – Agar air sampler light, switches, and battery should be done at this time and it should be noted.


%   = Percentage
CFM = Cubic feet per minute
LPM = Litre per minute

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