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SOP for Cleaning of Slit to Agar Air Sampler

Standard operating procedure for Slit to agar air sampler unit and moping of external surface with 70% filtered Isopropyl alcohol.


To clearly lay down procedure for cleaning of air sampler.


This procedure is applicable for Slit to agar air sampler unit SMA-P-100, of identification no SA/082, lying in microbiological laboratory.


3.1 Doing : Technical Assistant (Microbiologist) / Executive
3.2 Checking : Executive /Manager


Head of the department


5.1 After using instrument switch “OFF” the instrument and switch “OFF” the main “Safety” switch located at the bottom part of the instrument.
5.2 Transfer the used petridishes to microbiological laboratory for incubation.
5.3 Remove the petriplate sample head and lid, wash thoroughly with 0.1% Teepol or identical solution, then with water and sterilized in DHS for 2 hrs.
5.4 Clean the instrument with cotton cloth, then mop external surface with 70% filtered Isopropyl alcohol. Allow to air dry.
5.5 Cover the instrument sampling head with stainless steel top lid.
5.6 Sampling head with SS lid should be sterilized by DHS before use.


SS = Stainless steel
% = Percentage 

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