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SOP for Sterilization of Accessories by Dry Heat Sterilization (DHS)

Standard operating procedure for accessories by dry heat sterilization DHS oven.

1.0  Objective 

       To sterilize the accessories by dry heat sterilization.

2.0  SCOPE

       This procedure is applicable to all accessories which are to be sterilized by DHS oven.

3.0  Responsibility 

3.1  Doing      : Technical Assistant/(microbiologist)
3.2  Checking : Executive /Manager   

4.0  Accountability

       Head of the Department

5.0  Procedure

5.1  List of accessories
       Glass wares
       Lid & slit of air sampler 
       S.S cap/Tray
5.2  Wash the glass wares as per the S.O.P.
5.3  Put the accessories in DHS oven or in the allocated S.S. containers in DHS oven.
5.4  Put the whole container in open condition in the oven for dry heat sterilisation.
5.5  Affix the chemical indicator on container / Accessories.
5.6  Operate the DHS oven as per S.O.P.
5.7  Sterilise the accessories at 180°C for 2 hours.
5.8  After completion of cycle close the container and take the printout.    
5.9  Check the response of chemical indicator, the green colour of indicator should be change to black.
5.10  Transfer the sterile accessories with help of trolley in sterility room or inoculation room where ever required.
5.11  Use these accessories within 24 hours.
5.12  Resterilized the unused accessories after 24 hours.
5.13  Maintain the record in Annexure-I.
5.14  Attach the chart and chemical indicator along with record of Annexure-I.


6.1  S.O.P.No.- Standard operating procedure number
Note. : - If the printer is out of order record the results manually.

Instrument Identification No.:____________________

Cycle No.
Accessories to be sterilized
Sterilization Instruction
DHS Cycle started at
DHS Cycle completed at
Chemical Indicator response

 180°C for
   2 hours

180°C for
   2 hours

 180°C for
   2 hours

 180°C for
   2 hours

    Response of Chemical indicator : Green colour changes to dark brown or black

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