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SOP for Operating Procedure of Culture Cabinet

Standard operating procedure for culture cabinet having and UV light. UV Light Change and Acceptance Criteria for Differential pressure.

1.0  Objective

       To lay down the operating procedure of Culture Cabinet.

2.0  SCOPE

       To ensure the error free operation of culture cabinet.

3.0  Responsibility

3.2  Doing      : Tech. Assistant/Executive 
3.2  Checking : Executive/Manager   

4.0  Accountability

       Head of the Department  

5.0  Procedure

5.1  Switch ‘ON’ the mains.
5.2  Switch ‘ON’ the tube light and switch OFF the UV light provided on Instrument.
5.3  Connect the vacuum & LPG line provided inside the culture cabinet whenever required.
5.4  Open the front door with clamps & remove the front door if required.
5.5  Observe the differential pressure on Megnahelic gauge provided on Instrument
5.6  After completion of work. Switch ‘OFF’ the tube light/Airflow and switch ON the UV light
5.7  Shut the connection of LPG.
5.8  Record the UV Burning hours meter record & differential pressure reading in Annexure-I.
5.9  Carry out the Validation by DOP test Air velocity and particle count by third Party at 6 Month Frequency.
5.10  Change the UV Light after completion of 6000 hours. 
5.11  Acceptance Criteria for Differential pressure: It should be less than 6.0 mm of water.
5.12  If the differential pressure observed below limit inform the engineering section for the corrective action.



                                                                                                            S.O.P.No.: ___________
MONTH: _____________________

Differential Pressure
(mm of water)
UV light burning hours
Sign & Remarks

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