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SOP for Operating Procedure of Water Bath

Standard operating procedure of water bath in microbiology laboratory.


       To lay down the procedure for operation of water bath.

2.0  SCOPE

This procedure is applicable to water bath ,installed at Microbiology laboratory in QC.     


3.1  Doing      :  Technical Assistant
3.2  Checking :  Executive/ Manager


       Head of the Department
5.1  Ensure that the platform is dry.       
5.2  Connect the power supply.
5.2  Ensure the water level in water bath. It should be sufficient to pour the heating element.
5.4  Switch “ON” the main power supply and instrument mains.
5.5  Temperature setting 
Press SET key-ALI red LED becomes “ON”-lower display will show SP- Upper display of last stored value. The last digit will show blinking –Press UP key to increase the value-After getting desired value .Press SHIFT key to shift the digit-Now 3rd digit will show blinking-Press UP key to get desired value-proceed similarly  for 2nd & 1st digit-Press ‘ENTER’ key to store the set value in memory –ALI RED LED becomes “OFF” and gradually temp. will show raise in upper display.
5.6  The temp. sensor will maintain the set temp. during use of water bath.
5.7  Switch “OFF” the instrument mains & main power supply after use.
Instructions :
Glowing of Red lamp indicate mains “ON” & Glowing of yellow lamp indicate heater “ON”
1. Always ensure platform & surrounding are dry.
2. Use only Purified water to fill water bath.
3. Always. Switch “OFF” the mains on completion of water bath use.
4. Do not disturb the capillary (Temp. Sensor) located near the heater.


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

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