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SOP for Cleaning of Bins and HDPE Containers

Standard operating procedure to clean the bins and HDPE containers.


To lay down the cleaning procedure for Bins & HDPE Containers.

2.0 SCOPE:

This SCP shall be applicable to Bins & HDPE Containers in Production Area.


3.1 Execution :Operator
3.2 Checking :Pharmacist and Above




5.1 Transfer the containers of HDPE to the washing area of respective sections and clean inner & outer surfaces with Potable water at least two times till all the residue is washed off.
5.2 Then clean the inner & outer surfaces with 2.5 %“Teepol” solution using lint free cloth then wash with Potable water.
5.3 Finally rinse with purified water.
5.4 Dry the containers with clean lint free cloth and keep these drums on racks & Affix “Cleaned” label.
5.5 While using the containers wipe again with lint free cloth and take for use.
5.6 Re-cleaned the containers if not used within 72 hours.


SCP :Standard Cleaning Procedure
IPA :Isopropyl Alcohol
HDPE :High Density Polyethylene

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