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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Production

Standard operating procedures for pharmaceutical production working and sop of the equipment and operations in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
1. Cleaning of containers, hosepipes, accessories and material transfer pipe
2. Inspection of sieves and screens
3. Cleaning and operation of Vibratory Sifter
4. Cleaning and operation of Comminuting mill
5. Cleaning and operation of Saizoner Mixer Granulator
6. Cleaning and operation of Material Transfer System
7. Cleaning and operation of Co-mill
8. Cleaning and operation of Fluid Bed Dryer/ Processor
9. Cleaning and operation of Tippler
10. Cleaning and operation of Cage Blender

11. Cleaning and operation of Paste preparation vessel
12. Cleaning and operation of Roll compactor
13. Performance Check of Essae Teraoka and DS-415 Weighing Balance mounted on pallet truck
14. Use of Material collected from debarring machine
15. Transfer of lubricated granules form Bunker to Compression machine
16. Operation and Cleaning procedure for Tablet Compression machine
17. Procurement, inspection, cleaning and usage of dies and punch
18. Reprocessing
19. Preparation and usage of Lacquer solution
20. Cleaning and Operation of Autocota
21. Operation and cleaning of digital weighing balance
22. Operation and cleaning of AF-90T automatic capsule filling machine
23. Calibration of digital weighing balance (Contech CA-123)
24. Operation and Cleaning of Euro clean WD vacuum cleaner
25. Cleaning And Usage of Tablet Inspection Belt
26. Cleaning and operation of Spray coating unit/vessel/tank
27. Empty capsules dispensing, storage and return
28. Guidelines For Packaging Operation
29. Cleaning and operation of Blister packing machine
30. Cleaning and operation of Strip sealing machine
31. Cleaning and operation of Blister Defoiler Machine
32. Cleaning and operation of Strip Defoiler Machine
33. Return of excess packing material
34. Leak seal test and Pinhole test for strips and blisters
35. Cleaning and operation of Packaging lines
36. Procurement and handling of rubber stereos for coding/batch Printing /overprinting
37. Destruction of Packing waste generated during packing Operation
38. Cleaning & Preservation of Sealing Rollers & plates
39. Tablet inspection using inspection tray
40. Cleaning and Operation of online Carton coding machine
41. Operation and Cleaning of Shrink Packaging Machine
42. Operation and cleaning procedure for Vertopack cartonator Machine
43. Cleaning and operation of Packing conveyor belt
44. Cleaning and clearance of lines and area
45. Calibration of digital weighing balance Essae

46. Systems Plus Blister Collator Machine
47. Cleaning and operation of Colloid Mill
48. Cleaning, operation and maintenance of Metal Detector
49. Handling of Off-Line Packing
50. In-Process Checking
51. Area Cleaning Procedure for Processing Area
52. Repacking
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