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List of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Maintenance

View the list of Standard operating procedures for Maintenance department of Pharmaceutical.
1. Planned Modification System
2. Filter Cleaning procedure of Reverse Laminar Air Flow and Laminar Air Flow
3. Break down Maintenance procedure
4. Preventive Maintenance Procedure
5. Passivation and Sanitation Procedure
6. Filter cleaning procedure of Air Handling units
7. Operation of 750 KVA DG set
8. Operation of Shelmax Boiler
9. Cleaning of Dust collector Units
10. Operation and cleaning of Scrubber

11. Operation of Air handling Units and Dust collectors
12. Operation and Regeneration of Water Softening Plants
13. Operation of Hoist
14. Operation of 200 TR Screw Chiller
15. Operation and Regeneration procedure of Purified water Plant
16. Cleaning of House Pipes
17. Procedure for calibration of Instruments (Portable/Fixed) by outside agency
18. Disposal procedure for engineering waste
19. Operation of 500 CFM Air- compressor
20. Cleaning of Cooling Tower
21. Cleaning of Water Storage tanks
22. Monsoon Safety
23. Operation of Cooling Tower
24. Shifting of Portable Machine/Equipments
25. Safety Procedure
26. Saftey training
27. Procedure for building maintenance
28. Filter Cleaning procedure of Fluid Bed Processor
29. Filter Cleaning procedure of Coating
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