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SOP for Safety in Quality Control in Pharma

Standard operating procedure to provide the safety procedure in quality control laboratory of pharmaceuticals.


       To provide the general guideline to be followed in Quality control department for safety purpose.

2.0  SCOPE

       This procedure is applicable for all chemist working in quality control laboratory.


3.1  Doing      :  Technical Assistant./Executive
3.2  Checking : Executive/Manager


       Head of Department


5.1  Follow safety guide line provided by the company.
5.2  Follow the instruction given by Head of the department time to time.
5.3  Wear Apron and Slipper as per SOP before entering to quality control laboratory.  
5.4  Wear protective garments like mask, gloves goggles, cartridge filter mask where require while performing critical hazardous test. Refer MSDS of related chemical or solvents where require.
5.5  Read the label before opening the any container.
5.6  Open the container of hazardous chemicals carefully in fuming hood.
5.7  Take precaution while extracting and using hazardous chemicals.
5.8  Avoid use of contaminated apparatus and instrument.
5.9  Seal the container tightly after use.         
5.10  During handling & using of chemicals do not eat or drink anything. 
5.11  Wash  the hands properly after handling and testing of chemicals.
5.12  Take precaution for the cleaning of any spillage with method appropriate, to the hazardous chemicals.
5.13  Seek medical attention immediately if affected by chemicals and use appropriate first aid until medical attention is available.
5.14  Store the chemicals and solvents at specified temp. mentioned on label.
5.15  Place back the poisonous chemical under lock & key immediately after its use.


6.1  MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet
6.2  S.O.P.No. = Standard operating procedure number

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