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WHO SOP List for Pharmaceutical Microbiology

List of standard operating procedures for microbiology department in pharmaceutical industry should be available as per world health organization - WHO.
1. SOP of General Guidelines for Microbiology Laboratory.
2. SOP of Entry In Microbiology Section.
3. SOP of Cleaning In Microbiology Section.
4. SOP of media preparation.
5. SOP of Growth Promotion Test of Culture Media.

6. SOP of Determination of Bacteriological Quality of Water.
7. SOP of Gram Staining And Motility.
8. SOP of Destruction of Cultures & Microbiological Media.
9. SOP of Environmental Monitoring.
10. SOP of Sub culturing of the Microbial cultures.
11. SOP of Culture Titer Preparation.
12. SOP of Fumigation Process by Fogger Method In Micro.
13. SOP of Microscope.
14. SOP of MLT of in process, Finished Product and Raw Material.
15. SOP of MLT of Packing material.
16. SOP of Operation & Cleaning of Pass Box.
17. SOP of Operation of BOD Incubator.
18. SOP of Operation of Incubator.
19. SOP of Operation, Maintenance and calibration of Heating Block.
20. SOP of Recording of Differential Pressure.
21. SOP of Qualification of Biological Indicator.
22. SOP of bacterial Endotoxin Test.
23. SOP of Sterility Test.
24. SOP of Sterility of Compressed Air, Nitrogen & Carbon dioxide.
25. SOP of sterility failure investigation.

26. SOP of Sterilization by Autoclaving.
27. SOP of Monitoring of UV Light Efficiency of LAF & Pass Box.
28. SOP of Operation, Maintenance and calibration of Hot Air Oven.
29. SOP of Operating Instruction of LAF.
30. SOP of Operation, Maintenance & Calibration of Colony counter.
31. SOP of Operation of Air Sampler.
32. SOP of Glassware’s cleaning.
33. SOP of Entry and Exit in Microbiological testing area.
34. SOP of Calibration of micro pipettes.
35. SOP of Pathogen Testing of Drains.
36. SOP of Depyrogenation of glass ware.
37. SOP of Personnel Monitoring in Aseptic Area.
38. SOP of Pure Steam Generation.
39. SOP of Preparation of disinfectant solution.
40. SOP of Garment Washing.
41. SOP of Determination of Surface Quality of equipments.
42. SOP of Operation of horizontal autoclave.
43. SOP of Operation of vertical autoclave.
44. SOP of MLT Of Compressed Air.
45. SOP of Handling of Lysate.

46. SOP of Handling of Sampling tools.
47. SOP of Operation of Discard autoclave.
48. SOP of Disposal of contaminated Material.
49. SOP of Disinfectant Efficacy Test
50. SOP of Personnel qualification of personnel entering in to aseptic area and in sterility testing area.
51. SOP of Destruction of media fill vials

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