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WHO SOP list for Pharma Production

List of Standard operating procedures for Pharma production as per WHO recommendations.

WHO SOPs for Pharma Production:

01. SOP for Fluidised Bed Dryer (200 Kg)
02. SOP for Deblistering Machine
03. SOP for Fluidised Bed Dryer (120 Kg)
04. SOP for Fluidised Bed Dryer (60 Kg)
05. SOP for Affixing of Status Label
06. SOP for Vibro Sifter

07. SOP for Multi Mill
08. SOP for Cad Mill
09. SOP for Paste Kettle
10. SOP for Moisture Balance (I.R.)
11. SOP for Double Cone Blender
12. SOP for Compression Machine 20 Station (Single Rotary Type )
13. SOP for Compression Machine 27 Station (Double Rotary Type)
14. SOP for Compression Machine 35 Station (Double Rotary Type)
15. SOP for Capsule Filling Line (AF-90T)
16. SOP For Rapid Mixer Granulator(600 Lit)
17. SOP for Rapid Mixer Granulator(150 Lit)
18. SOP for Deburring / Dedusting Machine
19. SOP for Operation And Cleaning Of Vacuum Cleaner
20. SOP for Tablet Inspection Machine
21. SOP for Over Printing
22. SOP for Vacuum Delivering System (Peristaltic Pump & Pressure Vessel)
23. SOP for Colloid Mill
24. SOP for Stirrer
25. SOP for Strip Pack Machine
26. SOP for Blister Pack Machine
27. SOP for No Fill Detector (N.F.D.)
28. SOP for Vacuum Test Apparatus
29. SOP for Defoiler
30. SOP for Batch Printing Machine (Semiautomatic)
31. SOP for Automatic Batch Printing Machine
32. SOP for Dehumidifier
33. SOP for Alu-Alu Blister Pack Machine
34. SOP for Automatic Coating System ( Neocota 36’’ )
35. SOP for Automatic Coating System ( Neocota 60’’ )
36. SOP for Automatic Coating System ( Neocota 48’’ )
37. SOP for Tablet Branding Machine
38. SOP for Handling Of Sieve And Screen
39. SOP for Handling Of FBD Filter Bag
40. SOP for Transfer Of Finished Goods To Bonded Store Room

41. SOP for Operation Of Checkweigher
42. SOP for Recording of Differential Pressure
43. SOP for Tablet Inspection
44. SOP for Stereo Ordering, Issue, Receipt & Destruction
45. SOP for Die Blocking
46. Sop for Octagonal Blender (1000 Litre)
47. SOP for Octagonal Blender (400 Litre)
48. SOP for Octagonal Blender (200 Litre)
49. SOP for Rapid Mixer Granulator(150 Lit)
50. SOP for Packing Of Tablets/Capsules
51. SOP for Ordering, Receiving, Storage, Issue & Destruction Of Dies & Punches
52. SOP for Changeovers In Manufacturing And Packing Departments
53. SOP for Break Down Maintenance Of Utilities and Equipment
54. SOP for Metal Detector
55. SOP for tablet Granulation, Compression & Coating.

56. SOP for Production Related Entries In Sap System
57. SOP for Ink Jet Printing Machine
58. SOP for Operation Of Automatic Cartoning Machine
59. SOP for Manufacturing Of Tablets/Capsules
60. SOP for Stenciling Of Shippers
61. SOP for Fumigation By Fogger Method In Production Area
62. SOP for Drum Mixer

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