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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Triobloc

Standard operating procedure to operate and clean the Triobloc used in microbiology laboratory.


       To lay down the procedure to perform the operation and cleaning of Triobloc. 

2.0  SCOPE

       It is applicable to Microbiology lab.




       Head of Department


5.1  Operation of Triobloc

5.1.1  Properly connect the mains cable and socket to equipment.
5.1.2  Switch on the main supply.
5.1.3  During normal run mode the controller shows process value (PV) in red on top display and set value (SV) in green below.
5.1.4  By pressing < UP > or < Down > key the set values can be changed.
5.1.5  After completion of setting press < SET > for acceptance of the set value by controller.

5.2  Cleaning of Triobloc

5.2.1  External and internal surface should be free from dust particles.
5.2.2  Clean the block well base and blocks with 70% Isopropyl alcohol.

5.3 Shutting - down procedure

5.3.1  Switch off the main switch.
5.4  Record the usage of the instrument into instrument usage log book.


SOP - Standard operating procedure

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