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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Air Sampler SAS 180 L

Standard operating procedure of cleaning of SAS air sampler used for detectinion of microbial contamination in air.


       To lay down the procedure to perform the operation and cleaning of Air Sampler SAS 180 L. 

2.0  SCOPE

       It is applicable to Microbiology lab.




       Head of Department


5.1  Operation of Air sampler

5.1.1  Ensure that the air sampler is fully charged.
5.1.2  Remove the cover from the sieve. Autoclave the sieve for 30 minutes at 121°C (see SOP for autoclave operation), and sanitize the external surfaces of the unit with sterile, 70% isopropyl alcohol.
5.1.3  Press the black color button on the bottom side to start the air sampler.
5.1.4  Select the standard mode with the help of arrow key and press the enter key to conform.
5.1.5  Select the 1000 liter of air volume and press the enter key to conform.
5.1.6  After pressing the enter key START FOR 1000 will appear on the display.
5.1.7  Place the 90 mm pre incubated media containing plate on air sampler and screw the sieve head of the air sampler.
5.1.8  Press the enter key to start the air sampler.

5.2  Cleaning of the air sampler

5.2.1  Clean the outer surface of the air sampler with 70 % v/v isopropyl alcohol.
5.2.2  Sanitize the air sampler sieve before taking the next sample.

5.3  Shutting - down procedure

5.3.1  Switch off the main switch.


6.1  SOP - Standard operating procedure
6.2  % - Percent
6.3  °C - Degree centigrade

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