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Preparation and Standardization of 0.02 M Potassium Permanganate

Preparation and standardisation of 0.02 M Potassium Permanganate using Sodium Thiosulphate and Starch solution as indicator.

Potassium Permanganate Solution Preparation

•  Dissolve 3.2 g of potassium permanganate in 1000 ml of water.
•  Heat on a water-bath for 1 hour.
•  Allow to stand for 2 days and filter through glass wool.
•  Standardize the solution in the following manner.

Potassium Permanganate Solution Standardization

•  To 25.0 ml of the solution in a glass-stoppered flask add 2 g of potassium iodide, followed by 10 ml of 1 M sulphuric acid. 
•  Titrate the liberated iodine with 0.1 M sodium thiosulphate, using 3 ml of starch solution, added towards the end of the titration, as indicator. 
•  Perform a blank determination and make necessary correction.
•  Store protected from light.
•  1 ml of 0.1 M sodium thiosulphate is equivalent to 0.003161 g of KMnO4.

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