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Sampling Procedure for Purified Water

Learn how to collect the of Purified Water for complete chemical analysis and TOC & conductivity tests.

1.  Collect the purified water separately from return loop for complete chemical analysis and from two points of use in rotation for performing only TOC and conductivity tests.
2.  Initially flush approximate 1 liter of purified water from each point of use and return loop.
3.  For chemical analysis, collect the purified water in 1000 ml screw cap bottle.
4.  Remove the cap of the bottle and rinse with the same purified water prior to sampling.
5.  Fill the bottle up to the shoulder so as to collect approximately 900 ml of purified water.
6.  For TOC analysis, collect the purified water in 100 ml glass stoppered flask dedicated for it.
7.  Remove the stopper of the flask and rinse with the sample to be collected prior to sampling.
8.  Immediately stopper the flask after sampling of the purified water, to avoid contamination of atmospheric carbon in sampled purified water. 
9.  Bring all collected purified water samples to Q.C. laboratory for testing.

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