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SOP for Cleaning of Refrigerator

Standard operating procedure to clean the refrigerator.


To lay down the procedure for cleaning of refrigerator.


This SOP is applicable for the procedure for cleaning of refrigerator.


3.1 Officer/ Executive - Quality Control


4.1 Manager – Quality Control


5.1 Put off the main switch.
5.2 Remove all the materials (containers) from the refrigerator and carefully store them in air condition room.
5.3 Defrost the refrigerator.
5.4 Mop the inner surface of the refrigerator with water.
5.5 Dry mop the refrigerator and then clean it with soap solution.
5.6 Again mop it with water and clean with dry cloth.
5.7 Switch on the refrigerator and allow the temperature to attain a constant value.
5.8 Transfer all the containers back into the refrigerator.
5.9 Cleaning is to be done once in a quarter.
5.10 After cleaning, record it in cleaning register.
5.11 Check the temperature daily and record it.

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6.1 SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2 No. - Number
6.3 QA - Quality Assurance
6.4 CCF - Change control format
6.5 NA - Not Applicable
6.6 QC - Quality Control

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