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SOP for Hot Air Oven

Standard operating procedure of hot air oven used for loss on drying test.


       To describe the Procedure for operation and calibration of Hot Air Oven.

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for the Procedure of operation and calibration of Hot Air Oven


       Officer/ Executive - Quality Control


       Manager – Quality Control.


5.1  Operation

5.1.1  Ensure the cleanliness of the instrument.
5.1.2  Open the ventilation knob provided on top of the oven.
5.1.3  Switch “ON” the power supply.
5.1.4  Electronic temperature controller displays the chamber temperature.
5.1.5  Set the required temperature by pushing the “PUSH” switch and first potentiometer knob clockwise or anticlockwise until the temperature comes to set one.  
5.1.6  Set the temperature with the help of second potentiometer knob.
5.1.7  Release the “PUSH” switch.
5.1.8  Indicator Bulb glows indicates that the power to the heater is “ON”.
5.1.9  Switch “ON” the fan switch for air circulation.
5.1.10  Use rotary switch for precise control of temperature.
5.1.11  Four positions of Rotary switch are available as follows:-
            0 - Off position                          1 -  5oC above ambient to 90oC,
            2 - 90oC to 150oC                      3 -  150oC to 250oC
5.1.12  Keep the switch on suitable markings as per requirements of temperature.

5.2  Cleaning

5.2.1  Wipe the surface, walls, top, bottom and trays of the oven with dry lint free cloth on daily basis so that there will be no dust particles in the oven.
5.2.2  Wipe all the parts and outer surface of the Oven with wet lint free cloth soaked in purified water, on weekly basis and fill the weekly cleaning record.


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

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