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SOP for Centrifuge Machine

Standard operating procedure of centrifuge machine used for sedimentation of suspended particles in samples.


       To describe the procedure for operation of Centrifuge machine.

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for operation of Centrifuge machine.


       Officer/ Executive  - Quality Control


       Manager    - Quality Control


5.1  Operation

5.1.1  Ensure that the instrument is clean & free from dust.
5.1.2  Ensure that all the knobs are in normal position.
5.1.3  Open the upper lid by releasing the lock and lifting it up.
5.1.4  Place the centrifuge tubes in the compartment provided for it.
5.1.5  The compartment is designed in such a way to place sixteen centrifuge tubes at a time.
5.1.6  Switch “ON” the mains.
5.1.7  Set the required time by the "SET TIME”. Push button having range ‘0’ to ‘60’ minutes.
5.1.8  The desired time can be selected by pressing “SET TIME” push button again.
5.1.9  Increase the RPM of the machine with the help of adjustment knob.
5.1.10  Gradually, increase the rpm.
5.1.11  Maximum 6000 rpm can be selected.
5.1.12  When the desired rpm attained, now selected the time for centrifugation with the help of “SET TIME” push button.
5.1.13  After completion of the centrifugation time, a buzzer will beep, which indicates the completion of cycle.
5.1.14  After the beep, the motor will automatically cut off and rpm will come down to 0000.   
5.1.15  Switch ‘OFF’ the mains when not required.

5.2  Precautions

5.2.1  Proper handling of the instrument.
5.2.2  Ensure level and stability.
5.2.3  Balance centrifuge tubes equally.
5.2.4  Ensure use of rubber cushions for glass tubes.
5.2.5  Bring speed knob to ‘OFF’ and increase speed gradually.
5.2.6  Do not open the lid in between the centrifugation cycle.


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  QC - Quality Control
6.3  QA - Quality Assurance
6.4  No. - Number
6.5  Rpm - Rotation per minute

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