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SOP for Disposal of Media

Standard operating procedure of disposal of used microbiological media and culture tubes.


       To lay down a procedure for proper disposal of used media plates and culture tubes

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for Media disposal


       Officer/ Executive  - Quality Control


       Manager    - Quality Control


5.1  Microbial Media Plates

5.1.1  Wear rubber hand gloves and nose mask
5.1.2  Remove media content of Petri dish with the help of spatula and collect in a SS container.
5.1.3  Autoclave the SS container containing media discard at 15 psi, 121°C for 30 minutes/ validated cycle.
5.1.4  After autoclaving add 5% dettol solution to the media and dilute the autoclaved contents with tap water and drain into the sink under running tap water/ ETPplant.
5.1.5  Keep the empty glass Petri dishes for 1 hr in 5% dettol solution or savlon solution and then wash the Petri dish with water and dry them for reuse.  Disposable plates should be discarded after keeping them for 1 hr in 5% dettol or savlon solution.


5.2.1  Autoclave the microbial media tubes at 15 psi, 121 0C for 30 minutes/ validated cycle.
5.2.2  Drain the contents of tubes into the sink under running tap water/ETP plant.
5.2.3  Wash the empty tubes thoroughly and dry them for reuse.


5.3.1  Place the entire Petri dishes along with the media contents in a metal container.
5.3.2  Autoclave the container at 15 psi, 121 °C for 30 minutes/ validated cycle
5.3.3  Empty the plates into a container .
5.3.3  Dilute the contents in the container with tap water and drain into the sink under running tap water/ETP plant.
5.3.4  Empty plates should be washed.
5.3.5  After completion of Autoclave cycle for discarded media/cultured tube remove the culture tube/media from the autoclave and start a blank autoclave cycle without material to eliminate the possibility of any contamination.
5.3.6  Media preparation and media decontamination (used media discard) activities shall not be done simultaneously. 


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  No. - Number
6.3  QA - Quality Assurance
6.4  CCF - Change control format
6.5  QC - Quality Control
6.6  NA - Not Applicable

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