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SOP for Calbration of Dry Bath

Standard operating procedure of calibration of Dry Bath using calibrated thermometer.


       To ensure that the dry bath is operated and calibrated properly.

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for operation and calibration of Dry bath.


       Microbiologist  - Quality Control


       Manager- Quality Control


5.1  General cleaning procedure

5.1.1  Ensure that the power supply to the dry bath is switched OFF.
5.1.2  De-dust the dry bath daily externally with a clean dry cloth.
5.1.3  Once in a week remove adhered dust by wet mopping using soap solution. Afterwards wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth to remove the moisture.
5.1.4  Mop the interior surfaces with a clean dry cloth, daily.

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5.2  Operating Procedure

5.2.1  Ensure that the dry bath is properly connected to the power supply.
5.2.2  Switch ‘ON’ the main switch and then the instrument switch.
5.2.3  Set the required temperature to 37 °C by pressing the 'SET knob and soft keys.
5.2.4  Monitor the temperature daily during operation.

5.3  Calibration Procedure

5.3.1  Switch ON the instrument.
5.3.2  Put the glycerol solution in the five hole of dry bath. Four corner and one center
5.3.3  Leave for 15 minutes for stabilization.
5.3.4  Put the calibrated thermometer for each location one by one
5.3.5  Record the results after stabilization as per Annexure – I
5.3.6  Frequency of calibration – Monthly once 


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  No. - Number
6.3  QA  - Quality Assurance
6.4  QC  - Quality Control
6.5  CCF - Change control format

                                                      ANNEXURE - I

                              CALIBRATION REPORT OF DRY BATH
Asset ID  No.
Ref.  SOP No.
Model No.

Sr. No.
Standard value
(in  ºC )
Set  value
(in  ºC )
37 ºC
± 1ºC
37 ºC
± 1ºC
37 ºC
± 1ºC
37 ºC
± 1ºC
37 ºC
± 1ºC

Remarks:    The instrument is calibrated as per the SOP and shows satisfactory / does not satisfactory results as per calibration procedure.
Calibrated on                 : ____________________
Next calibration due on   : ____________________

Done by:                                                                                          Checked
Date:                                                                                                Date:

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