SOP for Cleaning of Disintegration Test Apparatus in Pharma : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

SOP for Cleaning of Disintegration Test Apparatus in Pharma

Standard operating procedure to clean the disintegration test apparatus.


To lay down for procedure for cleaning of disintegration test apparatus.


This procedure is applicable for all disintegration test apparatus ,installed at quality control laboratory.


3.1 Doing : Technical Assistant
3.2 Checking : Technical Assistant/Executive


Head of the Department


5.1 Switch ‘OFF ’the instrument.
5.2 Switch ‘ OFF’ the Main.
5.3 For Cleaning of Assembly
5.3.1 On completion of every disintegration test, remove the beakers and assembly along with discs.
5.3.2 Wash them properly with reverse osmosis water and keep aside.
5.3.3 Record in the log card of instrument.
5.4 For Water bath
5.4.1 Remove beakers from water bath and the apparatus from the disintegration tester and rinse it properly.
5.4.2 Close the taps.
5.4.3 Remove the upper nozzle (Red) from the bath.
5.4.4 Pinch the tube end to prevent any dripping of water.
5.4.5 Put the Tube end in the sink or in drain vessels.
5.4.6 Open the tap of lower nozzle.
5.4.7 Switch ‘ON’ the pump.
5.4.8 Switch ‘OFF’ the pump when the water level reaches the lower nozzle (Black) level.
5.4.9 Drain the remaining water by pouring it out.
5.4.3 Wash the water bath with raw water, detergent solution and then with raw water until no foam of detergent remain in the bath. After complete removal of all the detergent, wash the bath with R.O. water.
5.4.4 Keep the bath to its original place.
5.5.5 After cleaning, connect tubes with its nozzle.
5.5.6 Open the tap and fill the bath with reverse osmosis water up to the mark.
5.5 After cleaning of the disintegration test apparatus, record it.
5.6 Frequency : Once in a week
N.B. : In between when water become dirty change water as per step.No.5.4.


6.1 SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2 R.O.Water = Reverse Osmosis water

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