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SOP for Logic for Giving Number to the Method for Analysis of Packaging Material

Standard operating procedure for numbering system of method for analysis of packaging material.


       To lay down the logic for giving number to the method for analysis of packaging material.

2.0  SCOPE

       This procedure is applicable to all method of analysis for packaging material.


3.1  Doing       : Technical Assistant /Executive
3.2  Checking : Executive /Manager


       Head of the Department


5.1  Logic for coding of MOA for packaging material is based on alphabetical letters followed by version number.
5.2  Follow  digit coding system for MOA of packaging material.
5.3  First two digits represent department & then slash (/).
5.4  Third & forth digits represents the specific area & then slash (/).
5.5   digits are code for packaging material type and then slash (/).
5.6  Last two digit is for version No of method starting from 01.
5.7  Example : For coding of carton is as QC/PM/CAR/01 Where
        Q.C.   = Quality control
        P.M.  = Packaging material
        CAR    = 3 Digits for carton
        01       = Version number
5.8  Assign effective date for each method.


6.1  S.O.P. = Standard operating procedure
6.2  No. = Number
6.3  P.M = Packaging material
6.4  MOA = Method of Analysis

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