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SOP for Cleaning of Deep Freezer

Standard operating procedure to clean the deep freezer.


To lay down the cleaning procedure for Deep Freezer .


This procedure is applicable for cleaning of Deep freezer installed in Microbiology laboratory.


3.1 Doing : Technical Assistant
3.2 Checking : Executive/ Manager


Head of the Department


Frequency :
Daily clean the outer surface of Deep Freezer with clean dry cotton cloth .
Defrosting : Defrost the freezer every three month or when the ice thickness reaches to 10 mm .
5.1 Switch ‘OFF’ the main.
5.2 Unplug the freezer.
5.3 Unlock the sliding door & remove it.
5.4 Shift the subcultures in freezer or Refrigerator.
5.5 Clean the lid & the cabinet with a special solution (i.e. 1% w/v) solution of sodium bicarbonate.)
5.6 Dry it up properly.
5.7 Drain ‘OFF’ the water by opening drain valve located at the bottom.
5.8 After cleaning and drying up plug the freezer in main.
5.9 Operate as per S.O.P.
5.10 Record the cleaning & Defrosting.
5.11 Whenever Defrosting is done record in remark.


(1) Never scrape the ice.
(2) Do not use soap & detergent for cleaning


6.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
6.2 No : Number
6.3 % : Percentage
6.4 w/v : weight per volume

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