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Blow Fill Seal (BFS) and Form Fill Seal (FFS) Technology in Sterile Manufacturing

Know about sterile pharmaceutical production using Blow Fill Seal (BFS) and Form Fill Seal (FFS) technology.
Both of these techniques are used to manufacture sterile pharmaceutical products as parenteral (LVP & SVP), infusions, ophthalmic and inhalation products. These are automated techniques to prepare sterile products.

BFS TechnologyThe basic concept of the FFS and BFS is to reduce the contamination by forming the container, filling and sealing in a closed sterile chamber of the machine. There is no personnel intervention to reduce the chances of the contamination during the manufacturing of sterile products. It gives more production in very low operational cost with high assurance of sterility.

Blow fill seal technology is widely used and accepted by the various pharmaceutical regulatory authorities as US-FDA and MHRA. System is being used for over 30 years and reported to achieve contamination rate below 0.1%. BFS and FFS techniques are more popular in United Kingdom than United States.

Process includes various steps, first of all polypropylene granules are heated at 200 ±30°C to form the tube shaped known as parison. Parison reaches to the mould forming the container by the pressure of sterile compressed air. Next the fill nozzle known as mandrel fills the liquid into the container followed by sealing the neck and filled container is released from the mould. It takes 10-15 seconds to produce one container. Capacity of the machine depends upon the number of moulds. Labeling of the containers is done outside the machine.

FFS and BFS machine should be surrounded by class 1,00,000 or better area. Container formation, filling and sealing process is done in a class 100 area within the machine. System should be validated by media fill runs before starting the commercial production.

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Zafar Mahmood said... on 15/8/16 12:48

Can BFS ampoules terminally sterilize by autoclave ? At what temperature, pressure & time period ?

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