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Difference between Humidity and Relative Humidity

Meaning of humidity and difference between humidity vs relative humidity, relative humidity measurement methods and their units.
It has been a topic of confusion to differentiate between humidity and relative humidity. Relative humidity is an important factor that affects the quality of pharmaceutical products. It is important to control the humidity in the areas like granulation and compression.

Difference between Humidity and Relative HumidityHumidity and relative humidity both measures the amount of water present in the air but both of these have difference in the method of measurement.

Humidity in air depends upon the atmosphere of the area and the season of the year. In the dry areas as desert, humidity remains very low while in area near ocean and rainforests it remains very high. It also remains higher in rainy season than the summer. Air can hold a limited amount of moisture or water vapour. When moisture increases above its limit, it turns into the droplets those are known as fog.

Humidity is the amount of moisture or water present in the air in the form of water vapours.  It is measured in grams of water in letter of air (mass/volume). It is also known as absolute humidity.

Relative humidity is the percentage of the moisture against the highest possible level of moisture in the air at specific temperature. Relative humidity is measured higher on lower temperature because cold air holds more water vapours than the warm air. Relative humidity is measured by the hygrometer and also known as %RH.

Example: If air of any area has half of the water vapours that it can carry then its relative humidity would be 50%. 100% is the highest and 0% is the lowest value of relative humidity that can be found in any area.

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