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Principle, Construction, Working, Uses, Merits and Demerits of Planetary Mixers

It uses planetary blades that rotate on their own axis while rotating around the bowl center to thoroughly mix all ingredients.

Planetary Mixers


It uses planetary blades that rotate on their own axis while rotating around the bowl center to thoroughly mix all ingredients. Mixing blades turn in opposite directions to rotate around the vessel's circumference and around their own axis. Short mixing intervals ensure maximum mixing.


A removable cylindrical shell or bowl forms its base. Covered shells or bowls may include glass nozzles, liquid spray arrangements, and viewing ports. As well as loading the material using the top cover nozzles, the material can also be fed directly into the mixing bowl. As the mixer orbits the mixing container on a common axis, the two blades rotate on their axes. This blade is located at the top of the mixing container. Driven by a motor and gearbox, the planetary head is driven by the drive system. A planet's blades are driven by gears that rotate when a planet's head moves.


Planetary mixers work by homogenizing the mixture. The mixing materials are loaded into the bowl. Beater motion allows material to be mixed much faster and better within a short period of time. Dry mixing at slow speed produces less dust than wet kneading at faster speed. During the mixing process, the bowl is held by a semicircular frame. By rotating the washer blades in a solvent containing vessel, you can periodically clean the washer's blades completely. A bowl is lowered into the mixer assembly after the mixing process is completed, and it can be easily detached and removed. A hydraulically powered automatic discharge system or a hand scoop may be used to discharge the mixed contents.


  • Pharmacies, chemical plants, and cosmetic manufacturers commonly use single planetary mixers.
  • Mixing solid-solid materials wet and dry is done with planetary mixers.
  • With or without a flush bottom discharge valve, this device is used to manufacture starch paste heated with steam or thermal fluid in an electrically heated jacket.
  • Wet granulation is achieved by mixing dry powder with wet phase.
  • Pastes, gels, and dough are mixed in the single planetary mixer.
  • The simple construction and operation of this mixer make it popular in the food and bakery industries.
  • These machines are designed for mixing, dispersing, and mixing of products with medium to high viscosities, such as adhesives, sealants, light caulks, pastes, coatings, and granules.


  • The mixing bowl has very few dead spaces.
  • Despite being relatively inexpensive, single planetary mixers have plenty of applications.
  • Occupational labor accidents are reduced by security covers or bars and sensor technology.
  • Hygiene is more closely monitored, as well as the ease of cleaning the mixer.
  • The stainless-steel construction ensures that the equipment will last for a long time.
  • It occupies less space since it is compact equipment.


  • This equipment generates heat that is incompatible with proper mixing.
  • Material handling involving high viscosity requires more energy.
  • Maintenance is required since moving parts are present in this equipment.
  • Labor costs are high because labor requirements are higher.
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