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Principle, Construction, Working, Uses, Merits and Demerits of Silverson Emulsifier

Silverson mixer emulsifiers use high-speed rotors to create turbulence and intense shearing forces.

Silverson Emulsifier


Silverson mixer emulsifiers use high-speed rotors to create turbulence and intense shearing forces. Through the turbulence created by the perforated metal sheets, the liquid passes through fine interstices. Suction from the bottom of the head causes material to circulate through the head. The dispersed liquid is rapidly broken down into smaller globules because of the circulation of the material.


The figure depicts the process of constructing a Silverson emulsifier. A motor attached to long columns provides support to the head. A shaft runs through the center of the machine, with one end connected to the motor and the other to the head. Turbine blades are attached to the head. In addition to the mesh surrounding the blades, there is a cover with openings that surrounds them.


Emulsifier heads are introduced into vessels containing immiscible liquids (or coarse emulsions) in such a way that they are fully submerged in the liquid. Motors rotate the head with the help of the central rotating shaft, which in turn spins turbine blades at high speeds. The result is a pressure differential. Consequently, liquids are drawn into the head of the device from the base, where they are mixed vigorously. In a centrifugal fashion, the contents of the head are pushed out of the head through the mesh and onto the cover (Figure). Through the outer cover openings, a fine emulsion emerges. As the mixture is taken in and expelled, a pattern develops that facilitates the breakdown of the larger globules into smaller ones.


  • Solids can be mixed, emulsified, homogenized, dissolved, suspended, dispersed, and disintegrated using it.
  • Emulsions between 0.5 and 5 microns are prepared using this device.
  • The Silverson mixer can disintegrate matter from any source, including animal, vegetable, mineral, and synthetic sources.
  • Solid and semi-solid materials can be uniformly ground into solution or fine suspensions with the aid of this equipment.
  • Rapid gelling is also possible with it. The solubilization and dispersing of gums, alginates, CMCs, carbopols, etc., leading to agglomerate-free solutions in minutes.


  • Mixing times can be reduced by up to 90% with this efficient, fast machine.
  • Shear mixers are efficient, aeration-free, fast, reliable, and versatile.
  • Typically, it produces micron-sized droplets or particles, usually between 2 and 5 microns.
  • It reduces operating costs by being efficient.
  • Homogenizers normally pass the product more quickly; normally in a single pass.
  • Mixing applications can be performed with this versatile device thanks to its versatility.


  • Premixed feeds should have fine globules or particles that are uniform in size.
  • It consumes more energy.
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