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SOP for Breakdown Maintenance of Equipment, Machinery and Facility

Standard operating procedure of break down maintenance of equipment in different pharmaceutical departments and record information in machine history card.


      To lay down procedure for breakdown maintenance.

2.0 SCOPE:

      This SOP shall be applicable for equipment, machinery and facility breakdown.




      Head of Engineering


5.1 Communicate the breakdown to engineering department and handover the breakdown intimation note
5.2 Officer/ executive- engineering will depute the technician to attend the breakdown.
5.3 While carrying out the breakdown maintenance, ensure that following steps are taken:
5.3.1 Switch off power supply of the machine and put a board on machine stating “UNDER MAINTENANCE”.
5.3.2 Discuss the incidence of breakdown with the operator to understand the details.
5.3.3 Carefully inspect the machine and check the cause of breakdown.
5.3.4 After identifying the cause, if any parts/ assemblies of machine are to be dismantled, mark them properly for identification.
5.3.5 Keep the dismantled parts of machine in proper tray and clean them thoroughly.
5.3.6 After the repairs, assemble the parts, check the assemblies for smooth operations and then assemble them on machine.
5.3.7 Lubricate the parts wherever lubrication is required, as per the lubricant recommended by the machine manufacturer/ supplier.
5.3.8 After satisfactory repairs of breakdown, show the performance trial to concerned person and get it confirmed in breakdown intimation note.
5.3.9 Remove the “UNDER MAINTENANCE” board.
5.4 Record this information in the machine history card.
5.5 In case of any major part to be replaced, which may affect the machine performance should take place through a change control procedure.
5.6 Maintenance work required other than breakdown of process related equipment / instruments shall be communicated through maintenance requisition.

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6.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

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