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SOP for Electrical Safety

Standard operating procedure to work safely with electricity and electrical system and proper earthing.


To lay down the procedure for electrical safety.


This SOP shall be applicable for all electrical system in the plant.




HOD of Engineering


5.1 Do not replace a blown fuse until you are sure that the cause is identified and rectified.
5.2 Do not close any switch unless you are familiar with the circuit which it controls and knows the reason for its being open.
5.3 Do not work on the live circuit. Make sure that all safety precautions have been taken and you are accompanied by a second person competent to render First Aid and Artificial Respiration.
5.4 Do not touch or tamper with any electrical gear or conductor unless you have made sure that it is ISOLATED and EARTHED.
5.5 Do not open or close switch or fuse slowly or hesitatingly. Do it quickly and positively to avoid sparking and contact with the live circuit.
5.6 Do not use wires with poor/ inadequate insulation.
5.7 Do not touch any electrical circuit when your hands are wet or bleeding from a cut or an abrasion.
5.8 Do not work on the energized circuit without taking extra precaution such as the use of rubber hand gloves, Electrical Rubber Mats and also ensure the circuit is properly earthed.
5.9 Do not disconnect a plug by pulling a flexible cable when the switch is on.
5.10 Do not use a fire extinguisher on electrical equipment unless it is clearly marked for that purpose. Use DCP or CO2 type fire extinguisher.
5.11 Do not throw water on live electrical equipment in case of fire. Never use Soda Acid type fire extinguisher for combating the electrical fire.
5.12 Do not attempt to disengage a person in contact with a live apparatus, which you can not switch off immediately. Insulate yourself from the earth by standing on a rubber mat or dry board, before attempting to get him clear. Do not touch his body; push him clear with a non-insulating material.
5.13 Continue artificial respiration until recovery.
5.14 Do not allow visitors and unauthorized person to touch or handle electrical or come within the danger zone of HV apparatus.
5.15 Do not test circuit with bare fingers.
5.16 Carry out electrical inspection once in three months.

5.17 Earthing

5.17.1 Earthing is required for dissipating the generated static electricity. Earthing is also provided to detect leak current using ELCB, which disconnect the electric supply of the equipment.
5.17.2 Provide earthing to all electric equipment and where the chances of static generation exist.
5.17.3 Do not disconnect earthing connections. Do not bypass any safety gadgets installed on mains and equipment /apparatus.
5.17.4 Check the earthing status of the equipment once in three months


6.1 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
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