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SOP for Inspection/Cleaning of Filters of AHU System

Standard operating procedure to inspect and clean the filters of AHU system installed in utility block.


To lay down the procedure for inspection/cleaning of filters AHU system.


This SOP shall be applicable for inspection/cleaning of filters of AHU system in utility block.




Head of Engineering


5.1 Ensure individual unit feeder electrical supply is in “OFF” condition, before inspecting the filters.
5.2 Inspect the filters visually. If the filters found dusty during the inspection, remove the filters and cover them with polythene bags.
5.3 Take the filters to designated filter cleaning area.
5.4 Ensure the exhaust blower of the filter cleaning area and dust collector of filter cleaning station is in ON position.
5.5 Place the filters in reverse position on filter cleaning station.
5.6 Wash the filters with pressurized potable water by using pressure pump and water spray gun.
5.7 Dry the filters with compressed air.
5.8 Check the filters for damage and replace if damaged.
5.9 Cover the filters with clean polythene bags and fix them back in respective locations.
5.10 Clean the air handling unit blower with a dry cloth.
5.11 Clean the internal surfaces of the filter housing and plenum with the wet cloth.
5.12 Clean the air handling unit drain tray and condensate drain.
5.13 Enter the details in filter inspection / cleaning record indicating the system name on which the filter is installed as attached in.
5.14 Filter Inspection/ cleaning shall be carried out as per the schedule.
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5.15 Frequency

5.15.1 Inspection of filters for Granulation, Compression and Blending area is once in 7 days.
5.15.2 Inspection of filters for other areas is once in 15 days.
5.15.3 Clean the filters of air handling units If found dusty during the inspection. During the change over of product as per intimation received from production.
5.16 Symbolically update the filter inspection / cleaning schedule.
5.17 Update the filter cleaning status label on air handling units.
5.18 After filter cleaning operation, ensure filter cleaning skid and room are cleaned.


6.1 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

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