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SOP for Operation of the Lux Meter and Monitoring the Lux Level

Standard operating procedure to operate the lux meter and determination of lex level in rooms.


      To lay down the procedure for operation of the lux meter and monitoring the lux level.

2.0 SCOPE:

      This SOP shall be applicable for monitor the lux levels in production areas, sampling and dispensing booths by using lux meter.


      Officer / Executive


      Head of Department


5.1 Operation of lux meter

5.1.1 Switch “ON” the lux meter.
5.1.2 Ensure initial reading should be “Zero”, otherwise adjust the zero by using “Zero offset”.
5.1.3 Range A. measures 0 to 1999 LUX resolution 1.
        Range B. measures 2000 to 19990 LUX resolution 10.
        Range C. measures 20000 to 500000 LUX resolution 100.
5.1.4 Slide the switch as per the requirement (A or B or C).
5.1.5 Hold the light sensor facing towards the light.
5.1.6 The display will show Lux value.
5.1.7 The multiplication of displayed value with multiplying factor will be the actual lux.

5.2 Monitoring of lux level

5.2.1 Hold the lux meter at minimum five location.
5.2.2 Measure the lux at 1 meter height from ground level.
5.2.3 Record the readings in lux level monitoring record.
5.2.4 The average lux of all readings will be the lux level in the room.

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5.3 Acceptance criteria

5.3.1 The lux level measured shall not be less than,
         400 lux for production areas
         300 lux for sampling and dispensing booths
5.4 Frequency for monitoring the lux level is once in a year.


6.1 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

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