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SOP for Centrifuge Machine in Pharma

Standard operating procedure of centrifuge machine used for centrifugation of liquids in laboratory.


      To lay down the procedure for operation of Centrifuge machine.

2.0 SCOPE:

      This SOP shall be applicable to Quality Control Dept.


      Supervisor Quality Control


      Sr. Manager Quality Assurance


5.1 Operating Instructions:

5.1.1 Load the rotor with its components of tubes and buckets.
5.1.2 Place the solutions to be centrifuged in opposite tubes so as not to create imbalance in the machine.
5.1.3 Close the lid of the machine.
5.1.4 Move the speed knob to the desired speed.
5.1.5 Turn the timer knob to the desired time period.
5.1.6 To stop the machine turn the speed knob to the zero position.
5.1.7 Allow the machine to completely deaccelerate and stop before opening the lid.
5.1.8 Open the lid and remove the centrifuge tubes.

5.2 Precautions: 

5.2.1 The speed control is set to '0' position before the centrifuge is connected to the power supply and after each centrifugation run.
5.2.2 The loaded buckets should be distributed symmetrically.
5.2.3 The tube should be filled uniformly.
5.2.4 The lid should not be opened during the centrifugation process.


6.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

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