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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Refrigerator

Standard operating procedure to operate and clean the refrigerator used to store the standards and microbial cultures in microbiology laboratory.


       To lay down the procedure for operation and cleaning of Refrigerator.

2.0  SCOPE:

       This SOP shall be applicable to the Quality Control Dept.


       Supervisor QC.


       Head Quality Control Department.


5.1  Operation:

5.1.1  Connect the power plug to the main power sockets and switch on the power supply.
5.1.2  Put thermometers in the refrigerator compartment and freezer.
5.1.3  Set the thermostat control knob to ‘NORMAL’ position.
5.1.4  Load the refrigerator with the items to be stored between 2°C-6°C.
5.1.5  In case the temperature (2°C-6°C for the chamber) is not achieved increase cooling by setting the thermostat to ‘MAX’ position.
5.1.6  To take out the articles, open the door of refrigerator & take out the articles and close the door again.
5.1.7  Monitor the temperature once a day in the format.
Deep freezer: 3° C ± 2° C
Refrigerator: 4° C ± 2° C

5.2  Cleaning:

5.2.1  Once in a week, Put off the Refrigerator. Remove all the items from the refrigerator and clean the inside surfaces and shelves with a clean duster dipped in disinfectant solution.(3 % v/v Dettol Solution)
5.2.2  Record the cleaning in the “Equipment Cleaning Register”


SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
QC : Quality Control
Dept. : Department

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  1. Thanks for the amazing sop which is used to clean refrigerator because laboratory refrigerators cleaning is most important to prevent biological sample from germs and bacteria.


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