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SOP for Cleaning of Equipments in Microbiology Section

Standard operating procedure to clean the incubators, autoclaves, refrigerator in Microbiology section.


To lay down a procedure for cleaning in microbiology section.


This SOP shall be applicable for maintaining cleaning of Microbiology Section




Head QA & QC


5.1 Following group of disinfectants shall be used for cleaning.
5.2 Clean the ceilings, wall corner, furniture, exhausts grills and blower grills by using dry lint-free cloth or vacuum cleaner.

5.3 Incubator cleaning

Switch off the incubator. Remove all the materials from the incubator. Clean the inner area with a disinfectant solution using a lint-free cloth. Make the area completely dry with lint-free cloth. After complete drying, switch on the incubators & can be used for further use.

5.4 Cleaning of autoclave

5.4.1 For vertical autoclave switch off the autoclave and remove all the materials from it. Remove the used water wipe off all the inside area with the disinfectant solution.
5.4.2 Clean the sensor rod with a lint-free cloth. After cleaning, add distilled water containing 10 ml disinfectant solution sufficient to carry out empty run (coil should remain dipped in water/ disinfectant solution even after autoclaving is over.)
5.4.3 Switch on the autoclave. Carry out the autoclave cycle at 15 lbs at 121 C for 15 minutes, after which switched off autoclave.
5.4.4 Allow pressure to come down zero, allow it to cool. After cooling remove the disinfectant solution and wipe off the inside area. Use such an autoclave for further use.
5.4.5 For horizontal autoclave switch off the autoclave and remove all the materials from it. Wipe off all the inside and outside area with the disinfectant solution.
5.4.6 Clean the sensor rod with a lint-free cloth.

5.5 Refrigerator

5.5.1 Remove all the cultures and other materials from the refrigerator and shift it to another refrigerator.
5.5.2 Allow it to either defrost or switch off the refrigerator. Wipe off the 70% IPA from all the compartments with a clean lint-free cloth.
5.5.3 Make it dry & then switch on for further use. Transfer all the cultures & materials in it at their original position.

5.6 Frequency

Floor cleaning – Twice in a day
Instruments- Weekly
Dustbins cleaning –Daily
Furniture, Walls, Doors, Ceiling-Weekly
Tube light covers. – Monthly


SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
QA: Quality Assurance
QC: Quality Control

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